Packaging Podcast — Ditch The Box!

Packaging podcast with a strong emphasis on printed flexible packaging + marketing tools and techniques that can and will help companies communicate like never before.Retail Packaging Podcast

Flexible packaging includes stand up pouches, spouted stand bags for liquids, flat barrier bags, and more. Although the category Ditch The Box falls under is ‘packaging podcast’ we cover MANY topics and interview thought leaders all over the industry about their experiences in dealing with the major retailers, how to lower costs and increase margins, and much more.

Ditch The Box is a show where we discuss the good/bad and the ups/downs of the retail packaging industry. We live in a world of “Whomever communicates best WINS.” Content Marketing such as blogs, videos, social networks, etc. is leading that charge.

There is a direct correlation between communication, marketing, and sales in the retail packaging industry and this show consistently discusses each of them and how companies can not only survive but thrive when using them properly.

Ditch The Box Packaging Podcast

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