The New Consumer: MILLENNIALS


Joining us for the third time on Ditch The Box is Debbie Wildrick of MetaBrand. There’s a reason we keep having Debbie on the show…. she continually offers outstanding insight on an ever-changing industry. On this episode Debbie focuses on the new consumer: MILLENNIALS.

In Debbie’s findings, there has been a shift in the thinking and buying habit of the younger baby boomers. This shift has been one of preventative eating, retaining youth, and investing in health. Millennials have taken to this healthy mindset and it has seriously influenced consumer buying habits and demand. Another trend Debbie sees in the Millennial era is buying products based on EXPERIENCE. Now more than ever we are seeing packaging that attempts to create some sort of interactive experience with the consumer. After all, 80% of decisions get made right at the shelf. What’s the differentiation factor? Packaging. People look at the packaging of a product first, because it is the visual and verbal representation that delivers the message of the brand.

So what’s the takeaway? Debbie gives this advice: Natural and organic products need to step up and become more sophisticated and conventional products need to figure out how to merchandise to to the new consumer.

Changing the Starching Status Quo

This episode of Ditch The Box will revolutionize the way you think of laundry–specifically STARCHING.

Obeta Osolu has developed a revolutionary way of starching clothes that not only is easy, but cheaper than the traditional, alternative method. Spray cans of starch are costly to ship and not convenient for traveling customers. Peal Starch is a natural powder that can simply be added to your wash. When you iron your laundry the starch is activated and voila: A perfectly starched shirt! Discover how Obeta transformed the starching status quo by strategically using his passion for fashion and innovation to successfully gain market share in a niche industry.