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New Flexible Packaging Product Offerings for 2015

odessa2014 was full of flexible packaging conferences and trade shows for StandUpPouches.Net. We attended Pack Expo in Chicago and a lot of people were interested in the innovative flexible packaging styles that our research and development team have created. People were drawn to our booth for three reasons; our new styles are efficient, cost effective, and environmentally friendly. Some of our new flexible packaging styles include:

Take a look at Episode 4 and Episode 5 for a detailed look at these new flexible packaging options.  The flexible packaging movement is here to stay and research shows that 222 billion stand up pouches will be consumed in 2018. Stand up pouches and other types of flexible packaging have many advantages over traditional types of packaging like boxes and plastic tubs. As research continues, flexible packaging will be able to replace all other rigid packaging forms. Don’t miss out on this trend. Get ahead, and reap the benefits of stand up pouch packaging today!


David Marinac & Julie Holiday Have a Heated Debate

In Episode 3 David Marinac discusses how companies can maximize their profits that have been Inside report coversqueezed by the major retailers. When it comes to making and saving money, David suggests that companies should go overseas for their packaging. Julie, the ‘all-american’ is uneasy about this suggestion and does not understand why we would give our business to China when we need a boost in our economy right here in the USA. The reality of this situation is that it is cheaper to go overseas and at the end of the day cost and quality are the most important aspects of making a profit in any business.

In conjunction with this episode, we’ve created an extensive inside report about dealing with flexible packaging suppliers in China. Learn the do’s and don’ts when dealing with Chinese suppliers in this exclusive report. Just fill out the form below and we’ll email your inside report right away. 



Surviving In The Retail Space

The second episode of Ditch The Box features a live broadcast of our host, Julie Holiday and the packaging expert, David Marinac. David discusses the paths that he has taken in order to reduce people’s packaging costs. Reducing your packaging costs is key to surviving in the retail industry. It can take up to 3-5 YEARS to start making money after you’ve gotten your product onto the store shelves, and if you’re in charge of this in your company, you know no one is excited about this. Find out how packaging can play a major role in reducing your costs and getting your company the best margins that they’ve ever seen. Check out this episode and stay tuned for the next one where the two really go head to head about David’s money saving techniques.

StandUpPouches.Net Announces New Partnership with DitchTheBoxes.Com

In September of 2014 StandUpPouches.Net and DitchTheBoxes.Com decided to partner and create a packaging show called Ditch The Box. Ditch The Box will feature different topics all centered on how packaging and the decisions you make can play a key role in your company. Julie Holiday will be hosting the show and we are excited to announce the completion of the first episode, “How To Get Your Product Into Whole Foods”. 

The pilot features David Marinac, president of ABC Packaging Direct and StandUpPouches.Net. David has over 25 years of experience in the flexible packaging industry and in this episode he shares his knowledge about how to get your product into the biggest retailer in the country, Whole Foods. He describes in detail the “3 P’s: protect, promote and purchase”. At the end of the video they offer a free downloadable guide that outlines the do’s and don’ts of packaging and how it will effect your chances of getting onto the store shelves of Whole Foods. Want to get your hands on the guide? Click here!

If you’re a retail product manager or marketing manager you know that it can take 3-5 years to break even after you’ve gotten your product onto major retailer’s shelves. The next episode will feature how to make money at the retail store level faster without jeopardizing your quality or efficiency. You won’t want to miss it!