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The Millennial Mindset

On this episode of Ditch The Box we welcome Jeff Fromm, President of FutureCast and author of Millennials with Kids.



Jeff , the “Millennial Marketing Guy”, has over 25 years of marketing experience under his belt. Currently President of FutureCast, a marketing consultancy that specializes in millennial trends, Jeff also finds time to be a contributing writer at Forbes.com. Jeff has experience that ranges from Build-A-Bear to Whole Foods, and beyond.

During the podcast, Jeff offers outstanding insight into the “Millennial Mindset” and the financial impact of millennial influence across all generations. He also discloses why companies may be unwilling or slow to make changes that could benefit them greatly in the long run.

The Millennials Mindset is not just some fad, here today gone tomorrow. It’s a real force to be reckoned with. So how do we get these millennials to take action? According to Jeff, 55% of financial impact/performance is related to pricing strategy and on shelf position kinds of factors. The remaining 45% is marketing related factors, six in particular:

1. Social circles
2. Emotional connection to brand
3. Innovation
4. Trust
5. Purpose
6. Access

Jeff says that most successful brands dominate one of these six areas and meet the threshold level in the others.

Consumers use content to help make buying decisions. The goal is to have different content to meet the buyer at each stages of the buyers journey. You want content that meets a consumer before purchase, during purchase, and after purchase. However, Jeff stresses that content needs to focus more on consumer interests. “BRANDS THAT UNDERSTAND THE BASIC PRINCIPLE OF FISHING AWAY FROM THE BOAT ARE GOING TO BE THE BIG WINNERS. Brands that are focused on putting their brand name all over content just how they put their brand name on their packaging and on their ad are probably going to miss.”
(Jeff Fromm).


The Power of Online Reviews

Owen Blevins refers to himself as a “Serial Entrepreneur”. He has started and sold more than a dozen businesses in his career and has a deep passion for sales and marketing.

In 2013 Owen opened Owen Blevins Consulting where he helps business harvest revenue from the internet economy by increasing their online monetization. He does this by analyzing a company’s market and then helps them develop strategies to dominate their specific vertical with a focus of online or inbound marketing. Whether your company is involved in or is considering blogging, online videos, social media verticals, call to actions, landing pages or reviews, Owen’s company can help recommend the right approach that minimizes start up times and cost while maximizing opportunities.

When he’s not dealing with new marketing initiatives or actively participating in his community, Owen enjoys camping, cycling with family, and is a licensed private pilot.

On this episode of Ditch The Box we’ll dive into the importance of ONLINE REVIEWS.  We’ll talk about how marketing has evolved over the years and how inbound/content marketing has emerged. The most recent content/inbound marketing segment that has unfolded is the online review. These reviews can influence whether or not a consumer chooses your company and can even influence ranking on google and other search engines. Owen will offer unique insights about the power and might behind an online review.