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“Stand Up & Out: Content Marketing”

Ditch the Box | 7.22 | 


StandUpPouches.net has grown tremendously over the years, becoming the leading online brand for flexible retail packaging. The company now sells more than 10 million stand up pouches annually, with sales doubling year after year.

The brand prides itself on its innovative approach to attracting both “tiny but mighty” and big-brand clients using tools and strategies that are generally uncommon in the retail packaging industry.

While the company makes it a goal to deliver packaging that is just as good as – if not better – than the “big boys” in the industry, it’s not just great products that are speaking to customers. Marketing has become a key part of business at StandUpPouches.net, and a dramatic shift in how people conduct their work inspired the company to revamp its tactics to offer valuable content and resources to prospects and clients

downloadOn this week’s episode of “Ditch The Box,” host David Marinac gives listeners a sneak peek inside his new book, “Stand Up & Stand Out: And Watch Your Product Fly Off the Store Shelves.” He explains that after 2008, manufacturers were changing how they went about finding business partners and suppliers. The Internet became the main tool for producers and consumers alike to learn more about a product or service and easily find and get what they want. StandUpPouches.net started as an underdog in the industry and was a relatively small company, like many of its clients. Marinac and his team made it their goal to help companies build brands and protect their products, and content marketing was a new way to achieve this and grow as a business.


Content marketing is all about drawing people in with valuable content and educational tools – the days of traditional advertising, making cold calls, and sending a salesman out to sell a product to a stranger are diminishing.

Content marketing helps companies like StandUpPouches.net discover customers’ interests and concerns and directly engage with them. The “big boys” in the industry have been slow to adopt this marketing style, and the fact is, if they can’t find their clients and easly explain why they need their packaging solutions, StandUpPouches.net will continue beating them.


The marketing process at StandUpPouches.net involves a number of tools anyone can use to effectively run their business and reach clients. Video is a key way to get found in the online space, and resources like Wistia and PowerPoint help educate both buyers and staff members. These, coupled with great written content like blogs, eBooks, and white papers, help inform people about the value of the company and its offerings.


This type of online content teaches, trains, and helps suppliers get found. It’s written and delivered in a way that any person can understand it and search engines can find it. StandUpPouches.net initially started as an online catalog and evolved into a powerful website and business because of this great content and sophisticated marketing tools.


Marinac also dives into the evolutionary stories of three important clients using StandUpPouches.net for their flexible retail packaging needs. Pickle Pops, Garlic Clove Food, and Squirrel Brand are three very unique and distinctiveBobs Pickle Pops companies that had specific packaging requirements for their individual products. StandUpPouches.net was able to reach these clients and provide not only valuable educational tools, but also high-quality stand up pouches and bags that help each brand stand out on the store shelves and keep business booming. Great content should always be backed with an exceptional product, and StandUpPouches.net has mastered this with high-quality flexible retail packaging and effective, informative marketing strategies.

Regaining Lost Margins with Flexible Bags

Picture this:

Your company has created a product that has been skillfully and carefully perfected, and consumer demand is rising. It’s time to get your goods in the hands of soon-to-be loyal customers and brand advocates. You reach out to a contract manufacturer to supply the product’s packaging, but over time, you notice profits aren’t quite where they should be. You know what you’re offering is of outstanding quality.

So what’s with the lost margins?

There is a simple answer to this, and it all boils down to companies failing to gain control of their own packaging. When a contract manufacturer steps in, markups for either the company or the end user are the result. Businesses end up paying a premium for their own packaging instead of watching the profits roll in.

Profit should be in the hands of the company, says David Marinac, President and CEO of ABC Packaging Direct and StandUpPouches.net. Working with a partner to supply flexible retail packaging can have a dramatic effect on improving the bottom line.

Most retailers overlook packaging as an important way to save money. Controlling your own packaging solutions, or working with a trusted partner, can actually save you thousands of dollars in the end.

One company that saw the value in exploring packaging options as a means to regain lost margins and earn profits is Roland Foods. A leader in marketing superior food with quality ingredients, the company was being charged 85 cents per product when relying on a contract manufacturer to handle their packaging. By partnering with StandUpPouches.net, the cost was reduced to 75 cents per piece.

Think 10 cents won’t have a real effect on your bottom line? Simple math shows the company ended up saving hundreds of thousands of dollars by handling their packaging needs. As an eco-conscious business, a $400 million dollar Food Marketing firm needed to find a partner that would not only help save them money, time and resources, but also share the same sustainable values and business practices. StandUpPouches.net has been that solution, offering environmentally friendly packaging and flexible bags for freshness without extra costs involved.

Putting packaging needs in the hands of your team will help your business cut costs and avoid unnecessary expenses. Contract manufacturers benefit from this, too, as they are trusting experts to handle the packaging of the firm’s products instead of scrambling to find a solution. Placing a more careful focus on packaging will result in higher profits, happy customers and sustainable growth for your company.