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The Power of Online Reviews

Owen Blevins refers to himself as a “Serial Entrepreneur”. He has started and sold more than a dozen businesses in his career and has a deep passion for sales and marketing.

In 2013 Owen opened Owen Blevins Consulting where he helps business harvest revenue from the internet economy by increasing their online monetization. He does this by analyzing a company’s market and then helps them develop strategies to dominate their specific vertical with a focus of online or inbound marketing. Whether your company is involved in or is considering blogging, online videos, social media verticals, call to actions, landing pages or reviews, Owen’s company can help recommend the right approach that minimizes start up times and cost while maximizing opportunities.

When he’s not dealing with new marketing initiatives or actively participating in his community, Owen enjoys camping, cycling with family, and is a licensed private pilot.

On this episode of Ditch The Box we’ll dive into the importance of ONLINE REVIEWS.  We’ll talk about how marketing has evolved over the years and how inbound/content marketing has emerged. The most recent content/inbound marketing segment that has unfolded is the online review. These reviews can influence whether or not a consumer chooses your company and can even influence ranking on google and other search engines. Owen will offer unique insights about the power and might behind an online review.


Flexible Packaging & Marketing

Ditch The Box Radio Show – 6/17/15

The Power of Flexible Packaging


When it comes to building a brand and marketing a product, the days of the “Mad Men” style ad agency are long gone. Getting your goods noticed requires dedication from the entire team — not from an outside source or single position in the organization. Marketing is how we communicate the value promise of our offerings. Whoever communicates best, wins, and effectively relaying your message is crucial for earning customers’ loyalty and trust.

Flexible packaging is an important way to visually communicate the quality of the goods it stores and protects. A well-structured marketing strategy is essential for informing companies and customers about the materials used in flexible packaging that protect the contents inside.

On this week’s episode of Ditch The Box, we talk to two prominent marketing experts who shed light on the key roles online presence and global relationships play in selling products today. Dr. Yong Wang, associate professor of marketing at Ohio University, has a wealth of experience in the research field, focusing on frameworks in buyer behavior. He explains buyers’ decisions are shaped by social and cultural contexts, which is why it is vital for companies today to understand the norms and ways of life of different citizens around the globe.Flexible Packaging

When dealing with overseas suppliers, organizations in the U.S. must drop their arrogance and take time to learn how the rest of the globe does business. Companies will work harder to ensure you are successful if you show respect. It’s near impossible to have a good long-term outcome with international businesses without good relationships, and companies really will serve as representatives for you if you clearly communicate your needs in the language and style they understand best. Your business will get precisely what it desires as long as this simple piece of advice is implemented throughout the organization.

Our final segments introduce Owen Blevins, a partner at Focus Inbound. Owen specializes in blended inbound marketing strategies that raise visibility and position companies as thought leaders in their industries. The marketing field has evolved over the last five or 10 years, and it all started with a boom in blogging. Companies succeed when they put their best foot forward in their web presence and understand the key reason to be online is to be found by prospects and customers who are looking for you.

Learning not only what clients do online, but also what competitors are trying, can help brands understand where they can position themselves and how they can get ahead. Strategy should always come before tactics, and it is crucial that everyone in the organization buys into the marketing plan — especially those in a leadership position. Marketing simply won’t work unless all hands are on deck and companies are successfully communicating their value to customers both online with great content and in stores with quality flexible packaging.