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Contract Packaging: 411

With an entrepreneurial spirit alive and thriving across the globe, it seems as though everyone has developed the “next big product” that will make them millions. Left and right, entrepreneurs and inventors are pumping out goods and requesting large runs from their packaging suppliers to get the items out and in the hands of customers fast. However, a good co-packer will tell you that it’s often the smaller projects that are nurtured and fine-tined that turn into large successes, and it all begins with trusting packaging experts to help determine the best fit for your product and solution that will make your brand stand out from the competition.

On the most recent episode of Ditch The Box, host David Marinac discusses the contract packaging business with Jim Dekosta, sales manager at Assemblies Unlimited.


Dekosta’s background in hotel restaurant management, as well as the paper and packaging business, has given him expert insight to working with clients from a wide range of industries and helping them complete their projects efficiently from start to finish. His company operates as a national network of contact suppliers who are able to help clients package and assemble their unique items. Assemblies Unlimited is a full turnkey provider for both large major retailers and mom-and-pop shops, working with companies to package both food and non-food items.

From both Marinac’s and Dekosta’s extensive experience in the packaging world, they offer key advice to listeners interested in producing and selling the next big product. Doing your homework before reaching out to a supplier, for example, will lead to a better chance of a co-packer working with you to make your brand a priority and ensuring the process runs as smoothly as possible. Another important takeaway from this episode is that today’s brands – both emerging and established – need to be open minded about the way they are protecting and presenting their goods. Avoid being a “me too” company by relying on your packaging partner to help guide you toward new solutions and gain market share.

Big companies, Dekosta says, should also take a look around specialty shops to see what smaller brands and entrepreneurs are doing. These are the people and companies that have a marketing mindset to be different and creative, and they succeed by standing out from traditional products with flexible and inventive new forms of packaging. Contract packaging evolves with the customer, Dekosta explains, and today’s brands are producing some of the most revolutionary items sure to change their industries in profound ways. To effectively deliver a standout, cohesive product, embracing the “next generation” of packaging is vital.

He says everything will eventually be delivered in lightweight packaging, like stand up pouches, because it’s less expensive, it meets customer demand, and it offers significantly more convenience than rigid packaging like glass jars or cans.

From trendy consumer goods like probiotic gummies, to protein powders and energy drinks, traditional ways of marketing and packaging new types of goods are falling by the wayside. Companies should be willing to entertain fresh, forward-thinking ways of selling their products, and they just may find new opportunities for success by making simple adjustments to their packaging and partnering with a supplier that can meet their needs from concept to finished product.

FBomb in Flexible Pouches

 FAT. It’s the other dirty “F word” most consumers try to avoid at all costs.

Most would agree a large number of people are “fat phobic,” adopting the general belief that if you consume a lot of fat, you will become fat. The reality is, healthy fats are an essential part of a well-balanced diet, and they should not be viewed as the enemy. Health-conscious consumers have become increasingly privy to this, cutting out carbs and upping their protein intake, but still, the average eater is not consuming enough healthy fat to curb hunger and increase energy.

To some, carbs may seem like a quick fix for insatiable cravings, but those are what turn into sugars, which leads to excess weight. Too much protein, too, turns into carbohydrates, which starts the process all over again. Eating vitamin and nutrient rich fruits and veggies are important, but including healthy fats – like nuts and oils – into a well-rounded diet can make a huge difference.

These are the points Russ Taylor, co-founder of FBomb, explains on this week’s episode of Ditch The Box.

flexible pouches
FBomb in Flexible Pouches

A client of StandUpPouches.net, Taylor’s business is based around the concept that consuming healthy fats is such an important part of our diets that they must be easily accessible to busy, on-the-go consumers. FBomb products allow people to get their fill of healthy fats wherever their day takes them as they are packaged in portable, flexible pouches that are durable, lightweight, and puncture resistant.

The company’s co-founders come from colorful backgrounds, one a former police officer, the other worked previously on a commercial fishing boat, and they sought out a product they could use themselves in a market with a glaring lack of healthy fat options. The company adopted the FBomb brand name to attract attention and stat the conversation, and they needed to find the right package that would deliver their message and make it easy for people to include healthy fats in their daily diets.

Taylor says the company recently launched four blends of fatty oils – including raw organic coconut oil, macadamia nut oil, and a “house blend” of coconut, macadamia, and brazil nut oils. The last packaged healthy fat is MCT oil, which Taylor explains has a smaller market, as it is sometimes prescribed to patients and consumed by athletes. He says no one has individually packaged MCT oil in easy-to-open flexible pouches, which is why the company has quickly become so innovative and revolutionary.

FBomb initially considered outsourcing a contract packaging supplier, but in an effort to keep all production in house, partnered with StandUpPouches.net to design and ship bold, flexible pouches that keep the oils well protected from outside elements.

Taylor even released a Periscope video highlighting the durability of the product in this unique form of flexible pouches. He says the company’s online presence is growing, and it’s all in an effort to maintain a consistent brand image and drive the healthy fats message home.

FBomb is all about the “back to basics,” real food approach. Each product is made with natural ingredients from the earth, and they aren’t fad diet foods that will quickly go out of style. The company currently sells its products online to control its rapid growth but looks to launch these fresh and inventive products in retail locations soon. Taylor gives a sneak peek into his new concept for a coffee beverage made with healthy fats, which he says will be packaged in a flexible container rather than a bulky can or bottle. The portability and ease of FBomb’s products could revolutionize American diets and help change the entire perception of fat from a dirty word to an important part of our overall health.

Fulfillment Services & Brand Loyalty

To truly “wow” today’s customers, companies must think far beyond simply delivering a superior product and providing decent customer service.

Embedding a total brand experience into the entire culture and delivery of a good or service will set today’s organizations apart in a highly competitive, crowded marketplace. To help brands achieve this goal, fulfillment services are becoming increasingly popular. Most customers are unaware that the brands they do business with are working with these “invisible partners,” which, in actuality, means they are operating correctly. Companies like USA Fulfillment offer behind-the-scenes, high-touch services to their clients, serving as a third-party supply chain solutions provider that helps producers build loyalty and turn their customers into loyal brand advocates.

On this week’s episode of Ditch The BoxUSA Fulfillment Logo, host David Marinac talks with Linda Dickinson, director of sales and marketing at USA Fulfillment, about successful ways businesses can work with a fulfillment services provider to manage their supply chain and generate positive experiences every step of the way.

Dickinson says her company is 100 percent employee owned, and brand loyalty is embedded in each team member’s DNA. The difference between a fulfillment company and a contract manufacturer is that fulfillment involves one segment of the supply chain – the very last part – and offers kitting, packaging, logistics, and warehousing for clients. These companies will store a client’s product and literature then pick, pack, and ship it once a customer places an order. They are totally invisible to clients’ customers and achieve this by keeping their clients’ branding consistent and fully integrating with their shopping carts and software.

Fulfillment services help brands get ahead by learning as much about their clients as possible and putting themselves in their customers’ shoes. They evaluate each client’s website, 800 number, level of correspondence, and experience placing an order and unboxing a product. They then will develop a formal presentation, which Dickinson’s company calls a “Customer Service Evaluation,” to review their thoughts and opinions about each of these areas and what their clients can do better. They then gather feedback from their clients’ customers and turn their overall customer experience into positive occurrences that build brand loyalty and loyal brand advocates.

Many companies start out doing the fulfillment work themselves, but as they grow, this process can become burdensome and time consuming.

As the day-to-day operations and other aspects of the business become more prevalent, it’s important for companies to partner with a fulfillment services provider that will nurture customers and provide the space and manpower necessary to interact with consumers and get products in their hands efficiently. USA Fulfillment uses high-touch service to produce the highest service levels in the industry. To do so, they commit to regularly monitoring and tracking their performance levels, including even smaller tasks like speed of answer, QC barcode scanning for order accuracy, and timeliness of order processing and deliveries.

Partnering with a fulfillment service will help companies manage their supply chain most effectively and build strong customer relationships as they grow and expand their product offerings. Customer experience must remain a priority during each step of the ordering process, and this responsibility shouldn’t fall into the hands of just one department in an organization. Fulfillment services help get goods to shoppers quickly and effectively while tackling any issues or answering questions carefully, accurately, and in such a way that helps the parent company form strong, lasting relationships with their customer base.

Dickinson says establishing that “wow” experience from the time a customer places an order, to when they unbox it, is key, but taking it to the next level and building upon the first impression of the brand and product will set companies apart and build brand loyalty.

Mars Chose Flexible Retail Packaging

Most consumers can agree that one of the worst parts about adopting a healthier lifestyle is giving up those sugary treats the sweet tooth begs for.

Fortunately, candy companies are developing new product offerings for calorie-conscious customers. Instead of depriving themselves of their favorite chocolate confections, shoppers can purchase miniature versions of popular candy bars containing fewer calories, sugar, and grams of fat.

Mars, a leading manufacturer of confectioneries and other food products, has introduced new, smaller versions of its popular candy bars in stand up pouches. These new Mars Mix and Twix Mix varieties take the classic rectangular chocolate bar shape and scale it down to small, spherical orbs that can be easily consumed on the go. In fact, Mars has even invested $109 million into its Veghel factory to increase the number of these mini chocolate offerings. Right now, 25 to 30 percent of Mars’ products fall into the mini category, and the company predicts the volume will raise four or five perfect in the next few years.

As this pint-size product really begins to take off, Mars had to decide on a flexible retail packaging option that would keep its mini candies fresh and function well with customers’ active, on-the-go lifestyles.

Candy Pouch


(Image Source: confectionerynews.com)

These particular “mix” candy products are not individually wrapped, so it’s important that the packaging keep the products free from outside contaminants. Stand up pouches are the perfect solution, with layers of protective film that give the chocolate confections a longer shelf life and look great against other candy varieties on retail shelves.

More brands, like Oreo and Chips Ahoy! – produced by Cadbury and Nabisco, respectively – are available in 100-calorie packs for dieting and health-conscious consumers. Oreo has even launched a new version of its cookie, Oreo Thins, to cater to adults who may be looking for “a more sophisticated” version of the treat. Whether brands are serving consumers concerned about their sugar and caloric intake, or those looking for a more “grown up” variety of their favorite sweet treats, choosing high-quality flexible retail packaging will give these products the fresh presentation they deserve.

Stand up pouches are a great solution for mini candies and sweets to prevent products from quickly going stale.

Zip locks on this type of flexible retail packaging are easy to use – by both kids and adults – so the packet can be easily closed and freshness can be locked in. Flexible retail packaging for candy is a much better alternative to traditional glass candy jars that are breakable and take up a lot of space on shelves.

Mini candy offerings should be packaged in a container that reflects the product, and small, pliable pouches are great for keeping overall brand image consistent. Consumers today have a tremendous amount of options at their fingertips, and brands need to make sure they stand out from the crowd. Take a page from Mars’ playbook and choose stand up pouches for your new product offerings to reach today’s active, sophisticated consumer.

“Stand Up & Out: Content Marketing”

Ditch the Box | 7.22 | 


StandUpPouches.net has grown tremendously over the years, becoming the leading online brand for flexible retail packaging. The company now sells more than 10 million stand up pouches annually, with sales doubling year after year.

The brand prides itself on its innovative approach to attracting both “tiny but mighty” and big-brand clients using tools and strategies that are generally uncommon in the retail packaging industry.

While the company makes it a goal to deliver packaging that is just as good as – if not better – than the “big boys” in the industry, it’s not just great products that are speaking to customers. Marketing has become a key part of business at StandUpPouches.net, and a dramatic shift in how people conduct their work inspired the company to revamp its tactics to offer valuable content and resources to prospects and clients

downloadOn this week’s episode of “Ditch The Box,” host David Marinac gives listeners a sneak peek inside his new book, “Stand Up & Stand Out: And Watch Your Product Fly Off the Store Shelves.” He explains that after 2008, manufacturers were changing how they went about finding business partners and suppliers. The Internet became the main tool for producers and consumers alike to learn more about a product or service and easily find and get what they want. StandUpPouches.net started as an underdog in the industry and was a relatively small company, like many of its clients. Marinac and his team made it their goal to help companies build brands and protect their products, and content marketing was a new way to achieve this and grow as a business.


Content marketing is all about drawing people in with valuable content and educational tools – the days of traditional advertising, making cold calls, and sending a salesman out to sell a product to a stranger are diminishing.

Content marketing helps companies like StandUpPouches.net discover customers’ interests and concerns and directly engage with them. The “big boys” in the industry have been slow to adopt this marketing style, and the fact is, if they can’t find their clients and easly explain why they need their packaging solutions, StandUpPouches.net will continue beating them.


The marketing process at StandUpPouches.net involves a number of tools anyone can use to effectively run their business and reach clients. Video is a key way to get found in the online space, and resources like Wistia and PowerPoint help educate both buyers and staff members. These, coupled with great written content like blogs, eBooks, and white papers, help inform people about the value of the company and its offerings.


This type of online content teaches, trains, and helps suppliers get found. It’s written and delivered in a way that any person can understand it and search engines can find it. StandUpPouches.net initially started as an online catalog and evolved into a powerful website and business because of this great content and sophisticated marketing tools.


Marinac also dives into the evolutionary stories of three important clients using StandUpPouches.net for their flexible retail packaging needs. Pickle Pops, Garlic Clove Food, and Squirrel Brand are three very unique and distinctiveBobs Pickle Pops companies that had specific packaging requirements for their individual products. StandUpPouches.net was able to reach these clients and provide not only valuable educational tools, but also high-quality stand up pouches and bags that help each brand stand out on the store shelves and keep business booming. Great content should always be backed with an exceptional product, and StandUpPouches.net has mastered this with high-quality flexible retail packaging and effective, informative marketing strategies.